the Token Generation Event (TGE) is coming! dancing gorilla
the TGE for the global defi FX protocol is on its way. 21st september, 2021 #troopersunite921
prepare yourself #troopers

tge begins in...

event start

event starts 21st sep 2021. up to a maximum 5% of the total supply will be available.

contributions accepted

the contract will accept ETH contributions for up to 42h or until max. contribution amount reached.

event close

no more ETH contributions accepted. users will receive $FOREX prorata their % of the entire ETH contributed.

claim $FOREX

participants can claim allocated FOREX

tge distribution

the tge will follow a linear graph that determines the final price for every contributor

total supply

420,000,000 FOREX

tge allocation*

21,000,000 FOREX

min price**

0.000037 ETH

max price**

0.000056 ETH

contribution cap


tge chart

* allocation up to a maximum of 21m

** prices approximate subject to ETH price volatility. details closer to tge

or until the maximum deposit cap is reached

$FOREX at a glance..

FOREX is the governance token of the handle protocol. it will be distributed as a reward for protocol accretive actions by participants and will allow holders to contribute to platform governance.

420m FOREX will be minted across an initial 182 week period; followed by a 2.1% annual terminal inflation rate.


FOREX is distributed across protocol rewards, partners, team, and the community TGE. See below for details.


TGE contributions will be used to support protocol and community growth and FOREX and fxToken liquidity.

$FOREX allocation

token allocation
come join our community troopers...




and troop supporters.
Distributed Global
DACM - Digital Asset Capital Management
CMS Holdings
QCP Capital Global
Animoca Brands
Orthogonal Trading
One Block - Capital * Advisory
Double Peak
The Lao
Paribus Ventures
mume Ventures
DeFi Capital
Okex Blockdream Ventures
PrimeBlock Ventures
LD Capital
YBB Foundation
Hot Labs
Blockpact Capital
GenBlock Capital
ArkStream Capital
Mr Block
Solidity Ventures
Kosmos Ventures
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checkout our faqs or join the TGE whitelist here to be eligible for FOREX rewards!
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